Risk Management Solutions

Insurance Advisory

Working with international corporates for their structured commodity and financing requirements, Insurance plays a pivotal role. With its teams of specialists, Blend work’s with top notch international Insurers and underwriters to bring forth the best insurance structures that work as great risk hedging techniques. As a specialist in fund-raising business, we deliver bespoke insurance advisory solutions including, risk management, due diligence of insurance issues and counsel on regulatory issues. Our insurance advisory services covers

For Corporates –

  • Non Payment Risk
  • Non Performance risk
  • Political risk
  • Multi Buyer risk
  • Business continuity risk
  • Project loan repayment risk
  • Non trade medium and long term non payment risk
  • Construction Bonds Solutions
  • Key Man insurance

For Financial Institutions –

We also offer tailored solutions to our lenders for their risk mitigation requirements. Through our wide reach and in-depth understanding of risks and an ability to structure solutions with the help of our Insurer partners; we offer an enviable set of solutions that help lenders alleviate risks and at the same time, slowly move towards complete Basel III compliant banking methods. Our insurance policies assist lenders in their capital adequacy ratio while covering high risk weighted assets thereby allowing them to further lend out and make higher profits without increasing the pool of capital invested.

Some such insurance covers we are working on –

  • Bank Risk confirmation Insurance wraps
  • Trade portfolio coverage
  • Non trade portfolio coverage
  • Surety Bonds participative covers
  • Tax Obligations
  • Wraps and Warranties
  • Directors and Officers Liability