Project Finance

Blend started its Project Finance division with the intention of bringing global expertise and secured financing to its global clients who today include various Governments / Government Regulated Entities / PSUs / Parastatals / Large corporates and contractors from different geographies of the world.

Blend has developed expertise on the same from 10 different countries and is working on increasing the country coverage to 30 in coming two years.

The ability developed to finance and execute the projects in different sectors, particularly –


  • Transmission, Generation and Distribution
  • All renewable energy projects
  • LED retro projects for states and central government.
    Blend has developed expertise of financing Solar Projects globally with the optimal financing solutions and large availability of finance pool for companies having vision of large investment in solar and find financing (part equity or debt) as constraint for their vision.


  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Residential (selective with conditions)
  • Schools / Colleges
  • Any other projects

For Government (Central or State)

  • Metros
  • Smart Cities
  • Dams / Roads / Bridges
  • Any other projects (PPP)


  • Transport Solutions & Automation
  • Traffic Management Solutions
  • Education modernization
  • Secured Communication

Other than these sectors where expertise has been developed, Blend is open for financing any project if the security and repayment capacity with strong owner can be showcased.