Debt Capital Markets & Alternate Capital

In this day and age, as we progress towards tougher business environments and violent Bank reactions to a slight turmoil in the business markets due to natural economic business cycles; we have trained our sights onto the Alternate Capital Markets. Through our extensive range of alternate debt capital options, we aim to reinvent businesses, allowing speedy execution of strategies and better efficiencies. Our team of experts helps clients select the right form of debt financing that fits their business type and needs. We thoroughly evaluate the business model of our clients, offering unparalleled solutions and assist clients from day 1 with complete Hands on Approach.

Financing solutions that we can offer range from-

  • Leveraged Finance
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Restructuring and Recapitalization
  • Refinance
  • Structured Finance
  • ECA & ECB
  • Masala Bonds
  • Offshore Bonds
  • Promoter Funding

Another area where our core expertise lies is in structuring, pricing and distribution of senior debt transactions and also managing loan underwriting risks. Our experts work in close co-ordination with our clients including, domestic and international corporations and financial sponsors to devise unique solutions for corporate and project finance transactions.

Our cross-border financial solutions are backed by an extensive coverage of the loan market and access to a strong network of global investors. We also help our clients maximize profitability and manage their loan portfolio risks through our vast global lenders network.